I work as a minimalist, abstract artist because I’ve always been intrigued by geometry and balance. I find inspiration in bright gradients of color, especially in nature or in graphic design that I can bring into my home. Creating art is a self-challenge, to push beyond my naturally timid personality.

My artwork begins with ink sketches, laying out shapes, balance and proportions while minding the carpentry and finishing techniques I’ll have to use. Sometimes the color palette is the last detail I settle on, but laying out the colors on the canvas is really just controlled chaos most of the time. I use non-traditional materials for my art like plywood and lumber because as an amateur furniture builder I’ve always loved doing carpentry. I think the techniques I work with are unique in the art world, most viewers have never seen these designs brought into high relief and find the crisp lines and smooth finishes oddly satisfying.

I hope my art is a call adventure with bright pops of color obscured by stark monotone framework. Hopefully viewers identify with the parts of my work that makes them want to confront fear or seize opportunities. Maybe there’s something great about the audience that my work will make them want to explore and bring out to the world.

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